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Apr. 5th, 2012


actively but selectively adding.
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The wedding's on Saturday! Won't be around much (not that I really have been this summer, whoops), but I'm going to try to tweet from my phone (complete with pictures! No, not of that, of Hawaii and stuff.) So you can follow me @ beccafied if you want to be updated. :D

Oh, hi, flist.

So this summer has been completely filled with working 38 hours a week, planning my wedding (still so much to do... aghhhhh)

But in the free time I have had, I've been watching LOST while crafting. And omg, I'm kind of addicted. I'm nearly through Season 2 right now (I think the last episode I watched was the Hurley episode with the guy appearing to him)

Losty ThoughtsCollapse )

May. 19th, 2009

So now that I'm a little more coherent with my HIMYM thoughts:

All aboard the murder trainCollapse )
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Haven't seen TBBT or Castle yet, and I am very sad to have Chuck absent from my Monday TV viewing.

middle of the night brainstorm:

Planning on going to a book signing this summer for an author of one of my favorite books (Poison Study, you might remember me gushing about it about a year ago). Would it be creepy or weird to crochet doll versions of the two main characters and give them to her as a present?

I feel like it could be either creepy or sweet, but I'm not sure which. I'm hoping sweet, I don't want to be that really weird fan.

If I do make them, (I probably will, either way, and potentially just keep them for myself), I can't decide on a body style. I'm going for either this or this


Mmkay back to sleep.
So, I have this game on my cell phone called Surviving High School. It's addicting, and SO campy. They play with names a lot, making awkward pop culture references.

From this week's episode (two teens just discovered their father used to be a famous actor)

Mom: He was a favorite amongst producers of niche television, especially Ross Eden.

Brian: You mean the creator of "Duffy the Werewolf Stabber," "Cherub," and that short-lived sci-fi western, "Lightning Bug"?

Mom: Your father had a knack for portraying sympathetic villains.

Tara: But I watched all those shows, I don't remember seeing Dad.

Mom: Your fater also enjoyed wearing masks and prosthetics. That's why most hiring directors didn't know who he was. Ross Eden liked your father so much that he hired him to be one of the leads in his new show, "The Mannequin Den," but the network abruptly fired him.


Apr. 20th, 2009

HIMYM fic that needs to be written: Barney pretends to be completely inexperienced to make girls feel "special" because he wanted them to be his first.

(This stems from the fact that I tease my fiance about our first kiss, because it was his first kiss and not mine and it was really obvious it was his first kiss. He now claims that he practiced his "off" kiss, to fool girls into thinking they were his first, and that he's really a huge player.)

Also, hello to all my new friends!! bluediamond421, goldy_dollar, madasarabbit, nytel, roxiful, sunnytyler001, and tanyareed!